Fake QR codes

Now it is getting obvious that using QR codes for professional tasks (ID, payments, assets, documents, rich data etc.) it […]

Optical heat sensity sensor

UpCode will deliver an optical sensor integrated to 2D code to ABB. This delivery also includes a mobile app for optical […]

Wasa Innovation Center podcast

Listen to Sture Udd and his thoughts about the new Wasa Innovation Center (in swedish). https://areena.yle.fi/1-50072877 22.2.2019

Jäkälä Mobile App

UpCode has delivered and implemented a self-service solution where customers interact with a point of sale using their personal ID. […]


New features for a mobile information collection system.Employees work hour data is now easier to point for correct costpools. This […]

Vaasa Citylife App

The “Vaasa Citylife” app by UpCode is now available for download in Google play and the Apple appstore.The initial usage […]