Taking the concept of Auto ID into reality, Upcode has garnered global attention. First awarded at “ID World Abu Dhabi 2012” for our asset tracking. With our technology we enable identification and tracking of.

  • People
  • Products
  • Documents
  • Processes
  • Transactions
  • Cross Media
    • Print
    • Packaging
    • Devices

Specialized in identifying and tracking assets. Independent of third parties and proprietary equipment by utilizing existing infrastructure. The right approach from a clean tech point of view.


Upcode is in a unique position to be able to offer in-house development, knowledge and practical experience in bleeding edge technologies.

  • Multiplatform image recognition and optical code creation
  • Sensor technology
  • IoT – Internet of Things
  • Network resilience


UpCode has developed a multitude of solutions involving the exchange of goods and services. Specifically solutions that involve granting access to local services, ordering of goods, transactions of virtual currency and management of immaterial rights. Solutions developed at UpCode involving transactions have certain prominent features.

  • Independent of third-parties
  • Zero transaction costs
  • Infrastructure independent
  • Virtual currency
  • High security


The UpCode MAITM (Mobile Access and Interaction) platform is an extremely efficient tool for vertically integrating information needs from a business, governmental as well as a consumer point of view (B to G to C). In fact, up to 15 % of the price of goods originates from costs relating to partial optimization and separate old-fashioned systems and procedures. Doctors spend half of their time typing in information – instead of maximizing the time keeping people healthy or time spent taking care of patients. This is a huge global and a huge local issue.

The strength in the UpCode platform is that these issues can be solved with a bottom-up approach. We have many success stories where governmental installations have been opened up to meet the information needs of businesses and consumers.


UpCode Ltd. has close to ten years of experience in developing methods for analyzing efficiency in the business, public and third sector. (UpCode MAITM platform is the first integrated available system covering):

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Payments
  • Logistics
  • Automatic Identification
  • Anti-Counterfeit

The UpCode technology takes clean tech to a new level by enabling solutions that are completely independent of plastic cards, keys and any other special devices or equipment. Building real smart cities for the future is not about making processes of today more modern or investing in special infrastructure. It is about changing the methods of how we act and deal with information when taking into account the global interests of consumers, businesses and governments at the same time. Examples of efficiency values when utilizing the complete platform:

  • 30% increase in work productivity
  • 0% payment transaction costs
  • 20% energy savings
  • 15% less raw material / waste
  • 3% increase in GDP growth rate
  • 20-50% less fake related loss in the society.