UpCode has been active in the mobile business since 2004. Over the years we have developed solutions for customers all over the world, targeting all major mobile platforms.

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Automatic identification, Auto ID

Specialization in identifying and tracking assets. Independent of third parties by relying on in-house knowledge and development. Eliminating the need for proprietary equipment by utilizing existing infrastructure.

Digital Understanding

The workplace, marketing, logistics, education and provision of services will all be different with the progress brought by digitalization. We are prepared for these changes, we have already moved past the concept stage.

Core Technology

Implementations and development of optical code, sensor and picture recognition technology. Professional expertise in marking assets/products. Deployment on multiple platforms, with a mobile first design.

UpCode Reader & Utilities

Creation, linking and scanning of codes. Part of a suite of tools developed in-house, the reader is capable of handling QR, 2D Matrix and Barcode.

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Real world implementations where UpCode technology has been applied to improve and refine existing processes.

Latest News

The UpCode reader now supports up to 3 different sensors on one Smart Tag!
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Valtakunnalliset Yrittäjäpäivät Joensuussa 20.- 22.10.2017 käyttää UpCode UpFair
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UpCode is a Partner in TagItSmart project. In this project we are developing optical tags and IoT solutions, which can be used in many ways in various functions (ex. for tracking Product Lifecycle).
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