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Engagement platform

The engagement platform is a set of mobile tools for consumer goods manufacturers looking to engage resellers on a large scale. It provides a convenient way to educate, motivate, and audit remote sites that would otherwise be burdensome to reach.

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The fully configurable platform lets you create tasks for mobile users through its role-based user interface. The tasks range from simple questions, to picture proofs, to structured quizzes with automated answer checking and rewarding. It also provides ways to inform and receive feedback.

Administration of the software is fully role-based with support for organizational or regional hierarchy. The mobile UI can be configured to provide different features and/or branding (including temporary campaign content) based on user group or geographical area. Notable features include GPS-based location verification, automated picture recognition, web shop and support for consumer mystery shopping.

This solution has been field tested for 3+ years by a global consumer goods manufacturer in a large market abroad.

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Benefit handling

The product lifecycle management is a platform benefiting both the producer of goods, the consumer and everyone else in between. Being able to follow the lifecycle of a product, companies get insight in how their products reach their customer. The customer in turn gets to be more aware and involved in product origins and production.

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Handlers update information about a product by scanning a smart tag on it. Consumers scan the tag with an app on their phone to receive the information. The information can contain a product description, transport details or conditions picked up by sensors. The customer can also register the product, add it to their portfolio and give it a rating.

By attaching smart data matrix codes to products on the production line, products are registered on a cloud-based IoT-platform. After registering, product data can be accessed and updated at any point of the product’s lifecycle. The producer side can use this to manage transport and storage of goods. Additionally, the solution integrates into our transport management system and can be integrated into Visma Nova ERP software.

The platform is being developed and piloted as part of the TagItSmart EU project. It is a proof-of-concept for smart tag based IoT solution for mass market products.

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Product Lifecycle Management

Solution using Unique id for every product (Auto ID). Product lifecycle can be monitored from manufacturing to end customer.

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Internal development. Research linked to Horizon 2020 (EU project).

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TMS is a transport management system especially meant for dealing with time-sensitive and high value transports that in many cases are business-critical. It aims to improve reliability and readiness by utilizing item-level tracking, picture proofs and proactive alerts throughout all phases of the transport.

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The system allows item-level tracking of the condition of goods during transports with proactive alerts. Depending on the goods, the trackable item can be a pallet, trolley, box or individual product. Another benefit compared to traditional systems is that the information is available for all involved parties, not just the transport company.

The system is cloud-based and ordinary mobile phones are used for tracking in the field. Picture proof of storage or cargo conditions can be required at any step of the transport. In case of delay or damage, the information is immediately available for both recipient, sender and the transport company management with options for automatic email and SMS alerts.

The system has been successfully piloted with border crossing and multimodal transports (truck and ferry) between Finland and Sweden.

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Mobile Guiding

Mobile phone-aided guide that can be used for tourist attractions, large sites, events, building complexes or campuses to guide visitors. Provides complementary or independent instructions and information along a route or on each step of a process.

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The solution provides relevant information about a point of interest in the user’s own language. The information can be in the form of text, picture, sound or video. The user can also get maps and directions to the next point of interest. To get the relevant content, all you need to do is scan a code.

Solution is in use in Finland and abroad.

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Quality and Safety checking application

Legal Quality checking process for Finnish construction sites

Knowledge Empowerment

Talking Tools provides a set of tools for teachers and students, that make the learning process more interactive. The tools enable real-time documentation, sharing of information and teacher feedback in courses and projects.

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Teachers open courses and invite students to it. Relevant material can be attached to the course for students to review. Progress is documented in real-time with a mini-blog to where students can submit text and photos using their mobile phones. Teachers review student progress and can add their own comments.

UpCode tag technology was used to make starting interactions easier. Scan a code with your phone and get right into a project. The solution was designed first and foremost for mobile phones. Mobile functionality being a focus due to accessibility.

Launched in fall 2011 as a cooperative study in use of technology in education by Åbo Akademi, MediaCity and UpCode. This being a cooperation with a school, we could get feedback from the real target audience. The solution is still being used in classes at Åbo Akademi today.

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Event and Trade show management solution

Can be used for managing stands, organizers and collecting visitor statistics. Can also be used to deliver information directly to visitors.