Meteoria Digi-Journey

Meteoria Digi-Journey, a virtual guide based on UpCode Mobitour has been implemented at Meteoria Söderfjärden. By simply scanning the site codes with their phones, visitors receive information about the Tellus timeline and Big Bang. There is also as some interesting details and pictures of the machinery at Södersund windmill.
In addition to improve service in their own language to visitors outside opening hours, Mobitour also gathers vital statistics about popular visiting times and language of visitors to further help develop Meteoria as a tourist site.
Meteoria is a visiting centre, maintained by Sundom bygdeförening (voluntary association of the village of Sundom), located just outside Vaasa in the middle of one of the most beautiful and best preserved meteorite craters. The area is also popular for its bird life.
Both YLE and Vasabladet made stories of the announcement of the service: